Small Pro Chestnut ‘JURA’ SAZ-BAGLAMA + Course Package

Discounted Package Deal! Long-neck Small ‘Chestnut JURA-Baglama’ + Course

Long Neck unique small-size Chestnut professional JURA-BAGLAMA Suitable for children and adults who want a smaller size instrument. Same note scale as the big saz, suitable for taking the online course.

Unique sound, Great for traveling, because of its small size and weight.


Saz $450 instead of $540 + course $299 + Padded Gig Bag Case worth $69 as a gift = Package value $908

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During the course, you will learn how to develop musical improvisations and special rhythms that exist only in this genre of oriental music. You will study special picking techniques used all over Central Asia.

The melodies taught in the course emphasize Turkish and Kurdish music. You will learn about Greek, Mediterranean and Central Asian influences. We will also show you how the Saz can be used to enrich Western music.

In the Course

• Improvisations

• Unique rhythms

• Special picking techniques

• Playing music professionally and using it therapeutically

Who is this course suitable for?

• For those without a musical background and for musicians who want to learn Saz correctly and enrich their musical world and knowledge.

• For both children and adults.

• Very suitable for guitarists and other string instrument musicians who want to enrich their playing.

• Learning how to play an Electric Saz, the technique is the same as for the acoustic Saz

What will we learn during the course?

  • Eleven lessons, filmed in fluent, clear English, with two close-up cameras.
  • Each lesson includes detailed explanations, step by step.
  • One unique aspect of the course is that it hosts famous musicians and Saz groups of different ages and levels at the end of each lesson. 

About the teaching method

Yochai Barak has designed a unique method of study that is suitable for everyone. This is a result of his many years of experience as a musician and Saz teacher.

His method enables one to learn the instrument without prior musical knowledge or the ability to read notes.  In addition, the method is suitable for people who are interested in the therapeutic field. This music can help people develop a sensitivity that can improve their coordination, memory, and expression of emotions.

Requirements for the course

To participate in the course you will need a long-neck Saz (uzun).

About the Instrument

* Handmade solid wood | Solid Chestnut Bowl | Solid Spruce Face | Solid Mahogany Neck | Oak pegs

* Bowl Size: 25 cm | 48 cm Bridge to Nut | 76 cm total length | 23 frets

* simple electric jack (built in pick up) to connect to AMP

* 2 maple wood sound holes that can open and close for a strong and pure sound

* Including extra pack of strings, 10 tezene (picks), and quality padded gig-bag.