Small Pro Chestnut ‘JURA’ SAZ-BAGLAMA

Short-Neck unique small-size Chestnut professional JURA-BAGLAMA Suitable for children and adults who want a smaller size instrument. Same note scale as the big saz, suitable for taking the online course.

Unique sound, Great for traveling, because of its small size and weight.

* Handmade solid wood | Solid Chestnut Bowl | Solid Spruce Face | Solid Mahogany Neck | Oak pegs

* Bowl Size: 25 cm | 48 cm Bridge to Nut | 76 cm total length | 23 frets

* simple electric jack (built-in pick up) to connect to AMP

* 2 maple wood sound holes that can open and close for a strong and pure sound

* Including extra pack of strings, 10 Tezene (picks), and quality gig-bag.

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