Common Picking Techniques Used On The Saz Baglama

Playing the saz baglama involves a variety of picking techniques to create different sounds and rhythms. Here are some common picking techniques used on the saz baglama:
Tezene (Downward Pick): This is the most basic picking technique and involves striking the strings downward with the pick. Hold the pick firmly between your thumb and index finger, and use a controlled motion to strike the strings in a downward direction. Start slowly and gradually increase your speed as you become more comfortable.
Ters Tezene (Upward Pick): Similar to the downward pick, the upward pick involves striking the strings in an upward motion. Hold the pick in the same way as with the downward pick, but this time strike the strings from underneath, moving your hand in an upward direction. This technique is often used for faster passages and can add a different texture to your playing.
Always on both techniques, downwards and upwards , after striking leave the pick on the wood and not in the air.
A good exercise is to do : down up down up repeatedly.
Tirnak (Thumb Pick): The thumb pick technique involves using the thumbnail to strike the strings. This technique is commonly used for playing melodies or individual notes. Angle your thumb slightly towards the strings and use a controlled motion to strike the desired string.
Burgu (Rotation): The burgu technique involves rotating the pick between your fingers while striking the strings. This technique allows for fast and rhythmic playing. Hold the pick between your thumb and index finger, and rotate it back and forth as you strike the strings. Practice this technique slowly at first to build control and speed.
Arpeggios: Arpeggios involve playing the notes of a chord in a rapid succession rather than strumming all the strings simultaneously. Use a combination of downward and upward picking motions to articulate each note of the chord individually. This technique is often used to create melodic patterns or to accompany singing.
Remember to start slowly and practice these picking techniques gradually, gradually increasing your speed and accuracy over time. Experiment with different techniques and explore how they can be used to create different rhythms, textures, and expressions on the saz baglama.