What is the difference between the Saz, the Baglama, the Divan Saz ,the Buzuk and the Cura (Jura, Mini Baglama)? Are there different types, different sizes? What is the difference between the acoustic and electric Saz?What are the different and special tunings?

In Turkey there is no difference between the Saz and Baglama.
(Saz can also mean some times : musical instruments in general).
In Turkey they will say for example:
Short neck Baglama, or they will say long neck Baglama.

They will also refer to the same instrument as the Baglama when they say:

Long neck Saz or short neck Saz. Both names refer to the same instrument.

What is very special about the Saz Baglama is that there are many different types of tunings. Each tuning can bring new inspiration, new knowledge.

There are many exciting tunings that are derived from the tuning of the long neck saz but are suitable for more advanced musicians and for those who already really know the long and short neck Saz Baglama tunings in depth.

There are many various sizes for the Saz
4 of the main sizes for the Saz:
-Cura (Jura) : The smallest Saz, great for traveling with because it is small and easy to carry and does not take up space / for children with small hands / for sounds and additional inspiration, high and penetrating sounds.
-Short neck Saz : that has 19 frets and a special tuning for short neck. It is also sometimes called : mini baglama.
– Long neck saz : has 23 frets and a special tuning for long neck.
– Divan Saz: a huge size Saz, suitable for playing several different types of advanced Saz tunings, the largest Saz with deep bass sounds and strong loud sounds (always long neck).
Electric saz: as with the electric guitar, there is also an electric saz (usually long neck) that is often played especially in a certain style of music (Arabesk / Arabesque). The basic study of how to play the electric saz is the same as for the regular acoustic Saz so the course is suitable for the electric and acoustic saz. It is always recommended to start learning first on an acoustic Saz so you know the origin of the instrument, The natural sound of it and the traditional knowledge that is played on the acoustic Saz. Afterwards you can switch to the electric instrument.


Long neck
Kara Duzeni Bozuk
La Re Sol
Usually played on C F A#

If Kara Duzeni Bozuk is played on a small Cura / mini Saz so it will also be on A D G

If Kara Duzeni Bozuk is played on electric Saz so it will also be on C F A#

Short neck
Baglama Duzeni
La Re Mi
Usually played on E A B

Long neck
Abdal Duzeni
Usually played on Divan Saz
La La Sol
On a regular Long neck it will be
on C C A#

Long neck
La Re Re
Usually played on C F F